At home beauty services

Customer Awareness is the key @Yes Madam

At Yes Madam, we believe in the customer ultimate awareness, as integrity is the core  that forms Yes Madam. It is not just at profits that we are looking at, but trust and keeping our beloved customers informed is what we are aiming at! Because we know that customers deserve and are of worthiness of information in the raw form.  Hence, customer awareness  is the core value of Yes Madam to serve with the professional hand on expertise for the various home based beauty and massage services.

Unlike in other salons, we are home based services, wherein we are just a call away for the various services which is both time saving in this age of rush, economical and convenient. Our professionals who come for the services are very much have an expertise in their respective fields, are trusted in the sense of at Yes Madam we ensure that the full verification is performed, they are trained in manners and customer dealing, keeping the customer safety and convince their priority.

Yes Madam is also open about the pricing aspect to the customers, which usually is brushed under the carpet by the other home services or salon/ spa. We just charge for the services which ranges from Rs 6/min to Rs 12/minute depending on the services. Also, the brands we promise to use, we use mono doses which are opened in front of the customers .We provide the customers an option to use their own for more transparency.

Haven;t heard things like this before !? We know… we know, that its hard to believe and accept so why don’t we try out our first services to know that it really exists. Don’t wait… because you deserve it ladies.

So Sit back, relax and enjoy, YES MADAM services with in the comfort of your home.


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