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Transparency is the motto!

At Yes Madam we believe in the right of the customer to access the information without any bias. It is about the ability of the receiver to have full access to the information she wants, not just the information the sender is willing to provide. Transparency embodies honesty and open communication because to be transparent someone must be willing to share information when it is uncomfortable to do so. Transparency is an individual being honest with himself about the actions he is taking. And, that’s why Yes Madam has an edge over any other salons and   we tell how: as we don’t charge a rupee extra from the clients which is not genuine. And that is our USP because we value the trust before anything else!

Let’s site a couple of examples :

  • Take a classic case of the getting the famous o3+ Facial , in a regular salon they would charge somewhere between INR 2000-2500 and we happily buy it thinking that it is worth to look gorgeous. But, my darling worthy women out there, this is not the case. The actual o3+ facial kit comes for just INR 450. Yes, you heard it right! It just costs 450 rupees and that makes it you end up paying around 1500 rupees extra, likely just for the service charge.  But, at Yes Madam the story is different. As we promise transparency, so going by that we give our customers the option of the either buying the o3+ facial kit themselves and we charge only for the service which is only Rs 6/minute or our customers can buy the kit and use it on the listed MRP without charging a penny extra. Or to put it simpler a regular facial maximum takes an hour and that makes it around 300 rupees for the service charge and in total say it come upto around 810 rupees(450- Product Cost + 360- Service Charge), which in turn is around 60-70% cheaper than in the salon.  And not just that but also our beauticians open the kits in front of the customers itself and if the kit is not entirely used  it remains with the customers and can be used during the next appointment.
  • Let’s take another example of a popular service, which is hair spa. Lets say in most salons its range starts from INR 800 or 1000 . But as the matter of the fact the regular L’Oreal hair spa box comes  merely  for around 600 rupees and plus, in most cases only one third of the box is used which makes the costing only for 200 rupees in the monetary terms. A regular hair spa (till shoulder Length) maximum takes 30 Minutes and that makes it around 180 rupees for the service charge and in total 380 rupees (200- Product Cost + 180- Service Charge). So, again in this case customers end up paying around 500 rupees or more extra just for the service and plus, not sure that the products are actually branded or just the packaging is branded and the content is not!

These are just two of the many such examples. So, ladies out there you deserve our honesty. So, just try Yes Madam at most economical, transparent rates and effective services comes without saying.

So Sit back, relax and enjoy, YES MADAM services with in the comfort of your home
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We ensure that our employees are police verified and well behaved.

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