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Yes Madam – The New Age Services


So girls out there, don’t you want to enjoy the comfort of beauty, spa and a great home cooked meal at your doorsteps !? Yeah yeah…who doesn’t, but there is always a worry about burning a hole in your pocket. Well, ladies that’s where Yes Madam is different. Yes, you heard it right. Enjoy monumental beauty services, spa and cook services at your home without thinning your wallets. Wait…hold your excitement…there’s more.

All experienced and well groomed beauticians 


So, yes this whole makes it seamless easy process !


Great Product Quality 



At Yes Madam, we use 100% original products and the packaging is brand new which we open in front of the clients itself. And the products are all branded. Transparency at its best! 😀


Easy on your pockets…!!


Pay only for the services, and thus save 40-50% on salon services compared to the outside salon charges. To mention the rates: to avail one has to pay only Rs 6/minute and to avail massage  services Rs 8/minute. Isn’t it a wonder services guys at a dirt cheap rate!?


Safe and 100% Secure 


Ladies…yes, we are concerned about your safety and privacy. So, relax!! Our employees are sent to you only after performing their duly verification. And only female masseuse are sent for the female clients of ours. Even the beauticians and cooks  are experienced and polite w well as  well behaved.


Added bonus! 


To make your home spa like or a great salon like we also provide with the complete hassle free process. Thus, our expert technicians carry everything – from music system, pedicure tubs, wax heater, massage mats to even the smallest things like green tea in their magical bags. Now, that is called salon like not just services but ambiance too at home . Just wow!

Ladies, it might be difficult to believe about our wonder services! So, why not try yourself. So Sit back, relax and enjoy, YES MADAM services with in the comfort of your home Like

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